A Slight Twist

I have now outlined chapters 1-6 and have about 11,000 words. Now comes the difficult bit because what until now has been the main character and carried the story this far, is now to hand over to another main character who has a refreshingly different background. The former is going to be traveling with this one, so it’s not like the first main is now redundant. I will have this second character introduced in chapter 6, I think, and gradually have her familiarised and becoming more prominent over  chapters 7 and 8. I might be able to condense that down later, we’ll see.
Although I am trying to retain it, I am finding the humor draining from the tale. Initially it starts as a story with a number of comic remarks and comic scenes, but as the tale moves on it is slowly becoming darker and a touch more serious. I didn’t want or intend that, it just seems to be developing in that direction. So this is going to be an interesting set of developments for me to consider as the nature and characters leading this story all seem to change about midway.




A chilled out day

I have had a day out of the shop today and left it in the hands of a capable friend.  For one reason and another I was really stressed last week so decided to do very little today. I cleaned out the rat and hamster cages,  did the necessary housework and then put on a film while I structured some plot. During the formative stages of writing I don’t find the tv a distraction, in fact it helps me along.  If I am writing the first draft of something, that is when I need to be away from it and have either silence or some background music.

Today I ‘m watching a crazy comedy film called Big Fat Gypsy Gangster, very funny  and very good.

my intention today was to plot out the prologue in a sketchy form, but at the last count it was 2500 words. That isn’t too bad for one day of writing. I have plotted out a big battle scene taking place some 400 years ago as an opener with a decent hook leading into  Chapter One and the present day.

I have played around with it’s opening scenes on and off for months and nothing has felt right,  I would approach the blank page with an idea in mind, some kind of structure I felt ought to be in place, and as I have sketched it out I just felt it run out of momentum. It just didn’t seem to belong.  But this time I just sat in front of a blank screen with a completely open and clear mind, not gone at it with any expectations.  I kind of left it to the characters to guide me and through this I found myself going back in time with a minor character.  This character is so minor that he doesn’t even really make much of an impact until over midway into the story, yet it is he who takes me back  a lot earlier than I had ever considered.  I had never planned for this minor character tlo do something so early with such great impact on the story any more than I had planned for another fairly minor character to eventually eclipse the protagonist and carry the story onwards.

My second novel Footsoldiers still doesn’t feel right at the moment. That one is a thriller and still needs work done on the characters.

I have one or two horror and ghost stories in the pipeline, a third is in draft phase and I will probably publish it on here when it is done.

For me everything I write is character driven. I decide the kind of story I want to write and then I begin to populate it, letting each character shuffle around and find their own seat, most times letting the characters even decide who will sit in the driving seat before the journey begins.

Anyway, enough for now. I ‘m going to sketch in some ideas for chapters one to ten and then go have some tea I think.

This Dark Servant – A Work In Progress

I have spent most of my adult life wanting to be not only a writer, but an author! I think most of us are writers in one way or another, be it blogging,  letters to newspaper columns, or even just personal diaries where we express our views of the world, our lives and aspirations. But to be an author and write a book! a work of fiction in which you create worlds, kingdoms and characters to live with in – That is what I have always wanted to do.

I have, in fact, written two full length novels in the past, back in the days of typewriters and carbon paper to make copies. spending months typing out a first draft, editing and revising that, then with a fresh box of A4 paper  beginning the entire  process again! I found the love of writing marred by  constantly having to retype the entire manuscript. I found this was dampening my imagination, but at least i strove on and had two unpublished novels to my name before I gave up. I didn’t give up on enthusiasm and interest, it was the hateful Remington, becoming a laughing demon. Mocking me with the fact I HAD to hammer out yet another 700 page draft!

I will be honest, I am not getting any younger at 55 years old, and if this old woman wants to see her name on the cover of a novel in this lifetime, she will have to get on with it. So this year after many stops and starts, many ill-prepared launches into a new novel, I am at last in the preparatory stages for what will be my most ambitious effort to date.

Unlike previous years when I had a regular job that occupied me for 8-9 hours a day and leaving little time to write, I now own my own shop selling pagan ritual items and doing tarot readings, so I am my own boss and able to set my own hours which means I am in the fortunate position now of being able to mesh writing with work.  In fact,  even in the shop and between customers, I can open up Scrivener and make progress.

So sets the scene for my novel This Dark Servant.

I am not sure how regular this blog will be updated, but i think in various incarnations there are about four others scattered like collapsed stars in the darkest recesses of cyber space. But as with the launch of my new writing career, I will make this an exercise of passion and keep a detailed account of everything, not only the story, but of other elements of my life that help and hinder.

Did I mention Scrivener?

That is a nice piece of writing software that I like to use. I have been through all of it from Open Office to free to use YWriter. I like scrivener because it creates easily manageable notebooks and you can have two independent pages on screen at the same time, the whole thing is easy to organise for a computer inept like me.

Anyhow, July and August is being spent creating character profiles and chapter summaries. I am formulating my chapters with bullet points of events, then I will build on them from that.

One thing that seems to be happening is that the main character and protagonist is giving way to another who’s profile is looking better as I work on it, and even the back story is raising that second characters prominence so it looks like the initial protagonist won’t be the main character at  just beyond the midway point. this character, Arrakash Yiddiru looks set to be the driving force in any follow up to this novel.  So, what I intended as the main character might simply be a launch-pad for Arrakash’s future adventures.

That’s the great thing about fiction writing,  you never know for sure how the characters are going to develop.

More to come.

A new project

I am notoriously bad at blogging and diary keeping so I enter this new WordPress blog with acres of enthusiasm that will likely splutter and die. My aim is to take part in the national Novel Writing Month in November, for the first time, and this blog is a record of my progress with the planning, plotting and execution of said project. Who knows, it might even see publishing!

WIP title is This Dark Servant, and I will very shortly bring you up to speed on what I have accomplished to date.


Hang in there!